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#ClaimingOurSpace campaign.

5 April 2022

 The Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety has launched its latest art campaign called the #ClaimingOurSpace campaign. The campaign will use art and other forms of creative expression to capture the voices of young people in road safety and highlight why they should be meaningfully engaged when it comes to matters around road safety and sustainable mobility. 

The coalition is formed from passionate young people from across the world taking action on safer mobility  and championing meaningful youth participation in road safety and beyond. We operate from a set of principles that define and guide our work, globally and locally.

It offers resources, skills, partnerships and opportunities to take ideas to the next level and maximize their impact. The coalition believes that global and local action is needed to make the world’s roads safer for everyone and connect it to key related topics such as health, sustainable cities, climate change, education, poverty and equality.

To get involved click here: