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Carnell honoured with Royal award for the innovative SAFETYcam solution.

3 December 2019

Carnell are honoured to announce that they have won a prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for the innovative SAFETYcam solution .

For over 30 years, these Royal Awards have been presented to companies and organisations throughout the world in recognition of outstanding achievement and innovation in improving road safety. The distinguished Judging Panel, which reviewed the submission and made the recommendation to His Royal Highness that SAFETYcam should receive an award, included representatives from Highways England, Transport Scotland and RoSPA.

This award recognises the key role SAFETYcam has played in improving roadworker safety on highway sites across the country. SAFETYcam now joins a list of world leading road safety initiatives that have been recognised through these awards.

SAFETYcam aligns with Highways England’s aspirations in the Home Safe and Well strategy to reduce the number of those killed or seriously injured on our roads, and to half vehicle incursions into roadworks.

Announcing the award, Adrian Walsh, Director of The Prince Michael Awards said: “The judges were impressed by the use of applied technology to ensure an additional level of safety for those who are vulnerable as they carry out essential maintenance and construction work on our roads”.

Reflecting on this international recognition, Aidan Clarke, Chief Executive of Carnell said: “As a business we are always looking to innovate. The first place we look to do this is in helping our workforce go home safe and well at the end of every shift. SAFETYcam helps address the real risk of injury from both speeding site vehicles and vehicle incursions into roadworks which is a growing area of concern.”