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Automation in transport - Leading the UK to a driverless future

24 September 2021

The gap between technology development and automated vehicle deployment has been underestimated and the challenges involved with delivering autonomy have been far greater and more complex than first envisaged.

In her paper published by TRL, Camilla Fowler highlights that success is not linear.

Success is not about getting it right all of the time. Its about progressing, learning from set-backs, overcoming the challenges and moving towards a shared vision. The development and deployment of automated vehicles is no different. The vision is to have a connected and automated transport system that enhances quality of life by:

  1. Improving road safety by reducing the risk of collisions
  2. Reducing fuel consumption and the associated emissions
  3. Increasing capacity of the road network
  4. Improving access to transport
  5. Reducing transport costs
  6. Building the economy
  7. Enhancing communities

The paper is available through the CAV Safety Hub here.