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Artificial Intelligence used in iRAP Assessments

20 September 2021

Main Roads Western Australia and Anditi have revolutionized road safety assessments with an approach which automatically detects road infrastructure data applied on 2,000km of roads across the State. In their goal of Star Rating the safety of 80 per cent of the State’s most travelled roads,

Main Roads WA partnered with iRAP and Anditi to design and develop a more automated, accurate and cost-effective solution for road assessment, to update roadside risk ratings and extract asset management data. The project analysed 2,000kms of urban and rural roads using Anditi’s newly-developed Road.ai technology and 3D Web Portal. Road.ai and the 3D portal enable the automated extraction and visualization of road safety attribute and asset data from Mobile LiDAR and 360 Degree Imagery. The technology captured median type and width, roadside objects, centreline rumble strips, intersection types, street lighting, trees, and property access points.