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5-Star Global Connections to save lives ... in India and beyond

5 October 2020

iRAP has announced novel 5-Star Global Connections Initiative, to unlock the power of partnerships across India and share success across the more than 100 countries who have their own RAP programme and project activity.

The initiative which is sponsored by FEDEX includes four phases:

  • Development of iRAP Connect, a global Partner Management System to store and track programme and partner success across more than 100 countries and 14,000 partners.
  • Development of a 5-Star Global Connections Strategy that utilises the system and its data wisdoms to connect people and resources for high impact local RAPs.
  • Using the new global system, piloting of the 5-Star Connections Strategy in India with a focus on supporting all of the government and industry partners across the country and celebrating and promoting success in conjunction with local FedEx teams.
  • Development of a Celebrating Success Package that supports projects across India that achieve the UN Global Targets for 3-star and better roads as a framework for other countries to follow.

The IndiaRAP programme launched three years ago to eliminate 1 and 2-star unsafe roads in the country. Over 21,000kms of high-risk roads have been assessed across 14 states, informing over USD$5.6 billion in upgrade investments. Over 3,300 engineers have been trained. 

The programme is supported by FEDEX as part of its CSR programme.