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20mph speed limit delivers 'significant?' improvements in road safety

24 February 2023

New data shows significant improvements in road safety in London since introduction of 20mph speed limits

Monitoring of the 20mph schemes in London shows that since they were introduced, the number of collisions has reduced by 25 per cent  (from 406 to 304), and collisions resulting in death or serious injury have reduced by 25 per cent (from 94 to 71), demonstrating the huge impact of lowering speeds across London. Vulnerable road users continue to be most at risk on London's roads, but since the 20mph speed limits have been introduced, collisions involving vulnerable road users have decreased by 36 per cent (from 453 to 290), while collisions involving people walking have decreased by 63 per cent (from 124 to 46). 

The new speed limits have also made a large portion of London safer for people to live, work and commute, encouraging more Londoners out of their cars to walk, cycle and use public transport. More people now use healthier and more sustainable forms of travel which is vital to reducing congestion and air pollution.    

TfL is working with the Met Police to increase their capacity to take enforcement action against drivers and riders who speed. They are currently on target to be able to take action on a million speeding offences by 2024.  In 2021/22, the Met enforced 476,685 speeding offences, an increase of 72 per cent compared to the previous year.