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20 MPH default speed limit trials in Wales

17 February 2021

Plans for a default 20mph speed limit on Welsh roads have moved a step closer as eight pilot areas to trial the change have been confirmed.

The move comes following a report from The Wales 20mph Task Force Group which was formed to identify the outcomes which would be expected from changing the default speed limit for restricted roads in Wales to 20mph; and the practical actions needed to implement this change in the law.

Its report prepared in 2020 highlights that there is overwhelming evidence that lower speeds result in fewer collisions and a reduced severity of injuries; and consistent evidence that casualties are reduced when 20mph limits are introduced. It notes that these benefits are achieved even when average speeds do not drop to 20mph - any speed reduction leads to a positive outcome.

It also reinforces a view that speed reductions are expected to increase over time as people become accustomed to the lower limits and slower driving is normalised. 

The full report is available here.