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Merton Council – 'Live Long and Prosper'

Motorcycle, 2012

Merton Council's Road Safety Team's project  'Live Long and Prosper' is aimed at both novice and experienced motorcyclists and has three distinctive but complementary elements delivered quarterly throughout the year. The three elements are as follows:

• Brighter Biker is provided for 17-24 yr old Merton residents consisting of a free three hour long theory session which includes advice on hazard perception, and the study of positioning and statistical information on collisions to emphasise how vulnerable riders are on road.

• Better Biker - a two part session comprising a two hour presentation by a Merton Road Safety Officer (RSO) and a representative from The Advanced Institute of Motorists, offering the more experienced rider advice on specific riding skills. It also includes a half day practical Bike Safe training with the Metropolitan Police.

• Joint On-Road Operations with Metropolitan Police and RSO to pull-over riders and advise them on high viz clothing and courses on offer to improve skills.