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Riders for Health

Motorcycle, 2001

Riders for Health believe that the rider/driver/vehicle safety culture must be established and developed in Africa and that a fundamental requirement in any such development is road safety.

Riders for Health's (RFH) objective is to develop a culture of riding/driving in Africa (operating in Zimbabwe, Nigeria, The Gambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo) with a safety based routine vehicle management system. Its approach is to ensure a safety culture first then approach other areas of vehicle management.

The success of the scheme has been remarkable; Two years ago there were 1150 motorcycles in service, all bar one are still operating in Africa today. Riders for Health trained drivers/riders also have extremely low accident rates. For example, in the often disorderly country of Nigeria, in more than 1.5 million Kilometres, RFH drivers have been involved in only one accident. Similarly, the accident rate for motorcycle riders in Zimbabwe is zero.

Riders for Health was an award winner in 2001.