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The Premier Award presented to the IRTE

12 December 2018

The Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE) Delhi, has been presented with the Prince Michael International Road Safety Premier Award during a distinguished luncheon held at The Savoy, London.

It is a research-based not for profit organisation formed in December 1991 by Dr Rohit Baluja who has worked with an interdisciplinary group of educationalists, doctors, journalists, engineers, ex-servicemen, architects, automobile experts and members of the police to improve road safety in India.

Since then IRTE has worked in partnership with the corporate sector, governments and regulatory bodies by applying evidence-based knowledge-sharing programmes in a wide area of traffic management with safety at the core of all it does. IRTE has made a major contribution to international road safety especially in India and the region.

Now the College of Traffic Management forms the hub of all IRTE’s activities.