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New smartphone driver safety solution with in-app training

18 October 2018

eDriving , a global provider of driver risk management solutions, has launched its successful smartphone driver safety solution with in-app learning for markets with right-hand drive vehicles.

  • Mentor is a smartphone solution that measures driving performance and automatically prescribes driver training to be taken within the app itself.
  • Works in the same way as a fitness programme by allowing drivers to see their progress and engage in friendly competition with colleagues.
  • Helps organisations to reduce driver risk and sustain risk reduction by gradually improving attitudes and behaviours and keeping employees engaged and motivated.

MentorSM by eDriving takes the company’s patented closed-loop approach to risk reduction and combines it with app-based microlearning and behavioural change techniques that have proven effective in areas like weight loss and fitness. Because Mentor automatically prescribes targeted training modules to drivers that are taken in-app it saves managers valuable time and reduces the burden of arranging training schedules to remedy drivers’ weaknesses.

“To reduce risk, managers first need to measure risk and Mentor helps them to do just that,” said Ed Dubens, CEO and Founder of eDriving. “Its powerful analytics engine evaluates drivers’ specific behaviours after every trip and over time and provides individual scores that enable managers to benchmark by team, organisation and industry. The in-app coaching modules are specifically designed to target individual driving behaviours and to fit into drivers’ busy schedules.”

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