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BrazilRAP Launches: Energised for Action

5 November 2019

Story from iRAP.

iRAP, in association with the National Department of Transport and Infrastructure Brazil (DNIT), has announced the launch of a Brazil Road Assessment Programme (BrazilRAP).

iRAP Chief Executive Officer Rob McInerney said, "The Brazil chapter of iRAP will bring together government, investment, research, mobility and NGO partners from across the country to address the burden of road trauma. Nearly 47,000 lives are lost each year due to road crashes in Brazil and eliminating high risk roads is critical to injury reductions. Hosted by DNIT, the programme will go to new strengths building on initial development by Labtrans as an iRAP Centre of Excellence since 2015," he said.

DNIT’s Planning and Research Director Luiz Guilherme Rodrigues de Mello said, "Safety is central to DNIT and its road safety strategy. Several exciting BrazilRAP projects are set to drive safety improvements across national and state networks. A 55,000km Star Rating assessment of DNIT’s entire paved network is commencing shortly and will be one of the largest applications of the iRAP methodology in the world,” Mr Rodrigues de Mello said.

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