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South Africans against Drunk Driving – SADD

International Award, 2012

SADD's national University Project which has been operating since 2008 in 8 Universities around South Africa is funded by South African Breweries. The project focuses on the youth, as car crashes are the leading cause of death in this age group, leading to a huge loss of human resources to the South African economy and inflicting unnecessary pain and suffering to families.

This University Project is designed so that peer educators work together with the Counselling Departments of the Universities and run programs to create awareness of the harm excessive alcohol use causes to their studies, bodies and on the roads.

The alcohol education focuses on developing more responsible drinking and drinking then driving habits, teaches about units of alcohol and especially as they relate to blood and breath alcohol concentrations, and calls for early diagnosis and treatment for harmful drinking patterns.

The judges were particularly impressed with the innovative and comprehensive way in which this educational campaign was delivered, and welcomed the significant involvement of the private sector in backing the initiative.

SADD is extremely grateful to South African Breweries for their sponsorships and commitment to responsible alcohol use and in being proactive about road safety in this “Decade of Action for Road Safety.”