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London Accident Prevention Council - Road safety for Makaton users


Highway engineering improvement, 2002

Road safety for Makaton users - Makaton is 'deaf and dumb' sign language.

Realising the need, not only in this country for such a provision, London Accident Prevention Council (LAPC) and Northamptonshire Road Safety Unit have produced a book for Makaton users who are pedestrians.

This hard backed, ring binded, 56 paged book is used to provide basic road safety guidance for road users, their instructors, teachers, parents and carers who have a need to use or communicate through Makaton. It covers a wide range of procedures and crossing methods to enable road users to be safe whilst crossing the road.

Further information: Daren Divall, 01344 773131.

London Accident Prevention Council was a Commendation winner in 2002.