Successful nominations

Award winners

The successful candidates receive a formal letter of congratulations in late September, this will explain arrangements for the presentation and an invitation to meet Prince Michael at his Award Ceremony.

Press release

All press releases need to be sanctioned by us. They are normally issued at the same time as your plaque presentation Please send us your draft press release and, after checking it, we will add a quote, our notes to editors and then publish it through our contacts. An excellent example can be found here.


Your award can be presented either at a local presentation (details below), or at the Annual Awards Ceremony to be held at The Savoy in December.

Please send us three slides which we will use during the Annual Award Ceremony. Examples of the quality we need are here and we require pictures which tell your story and not words. Email these to before November 1st. 

Local Presentations

Whenever possible awards are presented in the field at an appropriate event. This not only enables award winners to get more local publicity, it also allows a large amount of people to be part of the winning team celebrations. We find most award winners are now part of a large team of people working together in partnerships.

Awards are presented in whatever situation the recipient wishes, whether this is at a conference, a board meeting to allow extra funding, an event or opening of a subsequent phase of your nomination, or coffee at the Town Hall.

Please let us know how you would like your award presented and what date you would prefer, and we will see if this is possible. Your award will be presented either by Adrian Walsh - the Director, a member of the Board, our Chairman or a member of Parliament.

Your plaque

The trophies are clear acrylic with the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award logo inside. It will be engraved with the name of your scheme or your nomination, and the year. Please do take care therefore that if you re-name your scheme or re-launch it, you put your up to date information on your nomination.

Commendation Certificates

The successful candidates receive an emailed formal letter of congratulations in late September.

If you are the recipient of a Commendation Certificate the nomination has been felt in the opinion of our judges, to be not quite of the standard of an award but more than worthy of recognition. The thoughts of the expert judges will be explained in your letter.

Your Commendation Certificate will either be sent in the post to you or presented in the same way as an award.

All press releases need to be sanctioned by us. We will add a quote, our notes to editors and publish it through our contacts.

Using our logo

As an award winner you are entitled to use our logo on items connected with your winning scheme such as literature or advertising.

Please contact and we will send you the logo.

Pin badges

You are also entitled to wear a small pin badge with our logo on. We normally distribute these when you receive your plaque.

Please contact Judy Walsh if needed at