Useful information

Useful information when preparing your nomination


Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards are highly prized and sought after. Our award scheme gives few awards and competition is fierce.

We fully appreciate that preparing your nomination against the criteria takes time and a great deal of commitment.

Sadly each year we receive nominations which perhaps should have received an award but are rejected, either because they have been poorly presented or do not contain all the relevant or pertinent information.

The judges do need to be told clearly and precisely about your programme. They need fact and figures. Please consider how you are going to answer the criteria before you begin your nomination.

There is a maximum word count of 1,500, so to avoid disappointment, use your words carefully and wisely.

We also advise you to read all the information on our web site very carefully before submitting your nomination.

Lastly before you submit your nomination we suggest that you ask your Senior Executive to read your submission.